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Celebrating Volunteers’ Week: Spotlight on Fiona Crotty!

Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June is Volunteers’ Week, and here in Parracombe, we wanted to recognise and celebrate the occasion by sharing a spotlight on the people that make a real difference in our community – our brilliant team of volunteers!

The celebration starts on the first Monday in June every year. It’s a chance to recognise, celebrate and thank the UK’s incredible volunteers for all they contribute to our local communities, the voluntary sector, and society as a whole.

Today is Day #3, and we’re delighted to spotlight the brilliant Fiona Crotty! Pictured below on shift, sporting a rather fetching Moustache in aid of Movember, read on to learn more about her experiences as a ‘Floating Volunteer’ at our community shop and cafe.

What’s your name?
Fiona Crotty

What’s your volunteering role?
My volunteering role is shop and cafe assistant

What’s your favourite thing about being a volunteer?
I really enjoy the social aspect of working with different volunteers and being a part of such a fantastic community enterprise.

What does a typical shift pattern per week look like for you?
I don’t really have a typical shift pattern as I’ve mostly been a “floating volunteer”, which means filling in gaps on the rota as and when I can. However, from next month I’ll be doing 2 regular Thursday morning shifts each month.

Why did you want to get involved with volunteering in the first place?
I chose to get involved as a way to get to know people in the village and to become integrated within the community. We moved here about 4 months before the Pavilion stores and cafe opened, so it’s been lovely to be a part of it from its opening.

How do you think your fellow volunteers would describe you?
A tough question! I hope fellow volunteers would describe me as cheerful and friendly. I’m always having to ask questions, so maybe they’d consider me as willing but a bit scatty!

Are you involved in any other type of volunteering activity?
I work 3 days per week in the NHS, so that limits how many volunteering shifts I can offer. I have experienced first hand what a lifeline the shop can be for companionship, and the convenience of not having to travel far to shop or enjoy a coffee recently as I’ve been recovering from an injury. It’s made me even more aware of how vital this venture is to our community, so I’m keen to support it as much as I can by volunteering again as soon as I’m fit.

Do you have a favourite memory / story from volunteering?
I get a real sense of pride when visitors come into the shop and comment on what a great place it is. People often say how lucky we are to have this community venture, and I agree wholeheartedly.

What’s your #1 top tip for someone who is considering volunteering with the Pavilion Shop and Café?
Go for it. You’ll get back far more than you put in and it’s great fun. You don’t need any prior experience, just some enthusiasm. We’re all learning all the time and it’s a great way to meet people.

What’s your local ‘top tip’ for holiday makers visiting the area?
Pick up a guide in the shop and take a walk around Parracombe. The views are beautiful and there’s so much history to be discovered.

What’s your favourite thing about living in or near Parracombe?
My favourite thing about living in Parracombe is the fantastic community. So much can be achieved when people come together and combine their time and talents. And it’s such a beautiful place to live. I feel very thankful to be here.

Huge thank you to Fiona for sharing these answers and her story with us.

Feeling inspired?

If you’d like to join Fiona and the many others in our thriving team of volunteers, don’t delay!

You can access the volunteer pack and learn more about what’s involved via the Volunteer With Us page or just pop into the shop and speak to anyone on shift about volunteering.

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