Could you volunteer to help your community?

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your community needs you

There’s been a fantastic response from volunteers to cover shifts in the Pavilion Stores Community Shop and Café.

But volunteering isn’t just about working at the shop – vital though that is. Parracombe Community Trust also needs people to help spread the load of admin and financial management.

Some of these jobs are suited to those with professional experience, such as book-keeping, payroll and filing VAT returns.

But other roles are for anyone familiar with day-to-day household admin such as dealing with utility and insurance bills and contracts.

Perhaps you could focus on applying for grants, managing our website or accounting for bar and fundraising takings?

These are just a few of the ‘back-office’ tasks for which we need a helping hand. And whatever you take on, you’ll always be able to seek advice, help and assistance from other Trust members

Admin jobs are ideal for anyone who wants to help their community but who, for whatever reason, can’t commit to a specific monthly rota. You can work at your own pace and in your own time. And you don’t have to join a committee. You can work directly with the Treasurer or another Trust official.

These back-office roles often go unnoticed but they’re absolutely vital if the Trust is to succeed and thrive long-term. Financial management covers all our projects including Parracombe Village Hall and our affordable housing project, as well as The Pavilion Shop and Café.

If you’ve any questions, or would like a bit more information on getting involved, please contact PCT secretary Nick Constable, at or 07970 823464

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