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Feedback on Preferred Scheme – 20th December 2022

Village Hall

We held a “drop-in” session at the village hall on Tuesday 20th December (any time between
3.00pm to 7.00pm) when anyone with an interest in the future development of the hall was
able to view the preferred scheme details, ask questions of members of the working group,
and provide feedback and comment on the form provided. We also had the scheme on
display at events either side of the 20th – the Christmas Cheer event on Monday 19th, and
again at the Santa Paws event on Wednesday 21st.

  • Zero individuals marked the “I don’t like the proposed layout” box.
  • 46 individuals marked the “I support the proposed layout” box and had no
  • 20 individuals marked the “I support the proposed layout” box and added some
    comments which are transcribed below.

On the basis of this overwhelmingly positive feedback, the Village Hall Working Group will
now start to prepare the necessary surveys and paperwork to make a planning application,
and also begin the process of applying for grant funding for construction.

Comments written on feedback forms at 20th December Drop-In session

Suggest the car park opposite should be levelled and stone covered early in work. This would move all builders’ cars / vans etc off site. Future parking should all be in car park opposite with perhaps 2 x disabled spaces by hall.

Excellent work team. If room, internal access between cleaner’s room and plant room could be useful as well as external access to plant room.

I fully support the proposals, and look forward to seeing the village reap the extensive potential benefits.

Only concerned about the stability of the moveable stage as a dance user.

Store room at 23sq.m seems big. Perhaps enlarge green room and use as a comfy seating, especially if views are opened up. Roof line on new extension needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Can solar panels be used in place of roof tiles on south pitch? New vaulted ceiling structure sounds great but focus on insulate, insulate, insulate.

Cleaners cupboard needs a utility sink. Internal access to plant room through cleaner’s cupboard. Green room is room where chairs are stored. Will there be loft / mezzanine access for extra storage?

Perhaps two smaller hatches in kitchen to enable bar and kitchen use at same time.

Would be lovely to keep the original character of the hall, not to make it too stark or modern in terms of feel or appearance.

I agree improvements are required for the village hall but in doing so I would like the village hall to keep its quintessential character and would like the stage to stay as it is.

Thank you – great to do. If the 2 roof lines could be joined together – 2 pitched roofs, it would be more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps sky lights in area with big windows overlooking fields. Do you need such a big store room behind the stage area?

Possible room for a mezzanine.

Great new design. Consider taking out dog-leg behind kitchen to create a bit more indoor space. Possible door from kitchen to plant room. Good power points everywhere. Exterior elevation for frontage.

Great – just some minor adjusting to make sure everything fits.

Maybe add a shower facility.

Additional outside shower / hose for boots / kids / dogs

Great plans and will be fantastic asset to the village. Modern, up to date facilities and usable spaces. If possible, would be great to have a tarmaced car park across the way.

Use the existing foundation stones in new building but the original walls are not energy efficient and well past their sell-by date.

Would dearly love to see a new village hall next to Pavilion Stores, but understand the challenges associated with that idea – ie: What would we do with the Buff Hall site?

The proposed plans are a good development on a valuable space for the local community that provides more functionality and flexibility to host a range of different events and activities.

Suggest green room be sited next to the front doors (existing ones) to enable easy access for visiting performers. Are so many toilets needed? The cleaner’s cupboard takes a lot of space out of the kitchen. Could cleaner’s cupboard go in one toilet?

As a reminder, the members of the working group are: Nick Backhouse, David Billingham,
Martin Hallam, Harry Harrison (project manager), Jaye Jones, John Minns, Alison Smith, and
Si Young (VHC Chair).

Finally, you can view all the updates we have provided as part of our consultation process via the Village Hall Development Hub.

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