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Parracombe 200 Club

It’s been a tough year for everyone and in rural communities like Parracombe, which rely on village hall events for music, exercise, drama and much more besides, our social occasions have come to an abrupt halt. Moreover, opportunities to raise money for our amenities such as the hall have all but vanished. So in response we are launching a new way of raising funds that doesn’t entail a get-together but might bring a bit of joy to our lives.

The “Parracombe 200” Club is a private lottery and is open to all those who have a local connection to Parracombe Village. A local connection is defined as being resident or having family or friends who live in the parish of Parracombe or in the adjoining parishes of Lynton and Lynmouth, Challacombe, Kentisbury, Trentishoe and Martinhoe.

As a private lottery, you have to be invited to join and must be over 16, you will be allocated a participant number and your membership will not be transferable. You are able to buy memberships on behalf of someone else as a gift as long as they have a local connection to Parracombe.

How it works

There will be 6 draws annually. The dates for each draw will be Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Monday, Midsummer’s Day, August Bank Holiday and Halloween.

A payment of £24 will entitle you to be entered into the 6 draws following your payment.

Each draw will be for 50% of the income received and will be split into 4 prizes. The remaining 50% will go towards Parracombe Community Trust funds. The more people who join, the higher the prize fund!

As an example, if the fund has 100 members, each draw will have £200 of prize money (1st prize – £100; 2nd prize – £50; 3rd prize – £30; 4th prize – £20), with £200 going into Parracombe Community Trust funds.

The Rules

“Parracombe 200” Club Rules

  1. The object of the club is to raise funds for the benefit of the Parracombe community.
  2. The club will be run under the supervision of the Parracombe Community Trust by a club sub-committee.
  3. The club is open to all residents of Parracombe Village and its surrounding area and their family and friends.
  4. Members must be 16 or over.
  5. Members must fill in an application form and submit it with entry money of £24 for 6 draws.
  6. The draws will be held on Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Monday, Midsummer’s Day, August Bank Holiday and Halloween.
  7. Winners will be contacted personally after the draw using the email address and telephone number that have been provided on the application form. Names will also be posted on the Parracombe Community Trust Facebook page.
  8. A register will be kept recording the name and contact details of the member, the number allocated to them and subscriptions received from them.
  9. After one year of membership, you will be asked by the administrator to renew your subscription. A member will be deemed to have left the club if a renewal of the subscription remains unpaid for a period of a month after it is due.
  10. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into Parracombe Community Trust funds after 6 months.
  11. The prize fund will be 50% of the income on the date of the draw.
    o 1st prize 50% of prize fund
    o 2nd prize 25% of prize fund
    o 3rd prize 15% of prize fund
    o 4th prize 10% of prize fund
  12. By signing and completing the application form, you are confirming that you have read and accepted the rules.

Join Parracombe 200

To enter the draw please download the application form, complete and return along with your payment (cheque or bank transfer) to the address detailed in the form.