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Could You Help Shape Your Village’s Future?

Parracombe Community Trust Ltd will be holding its Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall at 7pm on Wednesday October 19th, 2022.  Members will receive further information by email but if you’re not a member you’re still welcome to attend.

We’ll hopefully be electing new directors and re-electing some existing ones. To that end, the Community Trust’s management committee is making a special plea because we need more diversity on our management team.

In a perfect world, directors would encompass a range of gender identities and expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, disability status, citizenship and any other personality factor which helps make everyone unique. 

It’s a long wish list but registering more women, people from ethnic minorities and younger people as directors would be a great start. We’re also particularly keen to get members of the farming community on board.

This is not about being ‘politically correct’ or ‘box ticking’. There’s plenty of evidence to show that diverse businesses are better businesses because they draw on a wider range of peoples’ views and experience.

The nomination form for new directors can be found here or obtained by emailing . It takes seconds to complete and you need only two members to propose and second you. If you need help finding those members the secretary will put you in touch. Please do consider it. Forms need to be back with the secretary by October 12th 2022.

The AGM has to conduct specific business relating to our Rules and other regulatory constraints. But once we’ve finished the meeting directors will be on hand to give brief updates and answer any questions about any aspects of our work.

I look forward to seeing you in the Village Hall at 7pm on Wednesday October 19th.

Best wishes

Dave Austin, Chair, Parracombe Community Trust

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